Disney's tone-deaf Bedtime Hotline was clearly recorded pre-quarantine

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I think Peg-Leg Pete and Figaro are potentially susceptible, but as far as we know mice, ducks and dogs can’t be infected by COVID-19.

Pete in particular better take precautions. I just learned that he’s Disney’s “oldest continuing character” and first appeared on film three years before Mickey in 1925.


Bird flu, on the other hand…



There’s no quarantine in toon town.

What do you want? Claribel the cow has gone MAD, someone ate Donald, Tinker Bell is locked up for breaking quarantine again, and Goofy is President?

It’s friggen comforting children’s stuff they’re used to, a bit of normalcy in a world gone mad.


Also, Is Daisy now a member of Donald’s family, and does she have nieces? I haven’t kept up with the latest Duck Tales series so I honestly don’t know.

Exactly. Also vulnerable are Fidget (the bat) from The Great Mouse Detective (1986), and the background character Pollyanna Pangolin, who was deleted in the final edit of “Steamboat Willie.”

Of course the human characters (e.g., the Princesses) are SOL, but that’s no loss. Although has anyone had a Zoom call with Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron) lately? Frankly I was a little worried about her “social distancing” before all this hit.

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Obviously a previous plague, maybe H1N1, must have hit Duckburg. Name a single Disney duck being raised by their biological parent! No, it’s just Aunt Daisy, Uncle Donald, Uncle Scrooge. Even Webigail is being raised by her single grandmother.

It’s pretty bleak if you think about it!

I’ve been thinking about it for 33 years.


First appearance: 1952

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I cannot resist.

Also, not “the world” has gone mad.
That’ll follow later.


The production I wonder about, is Sesame Street. They did amazing work with the death of Mr Hooper, I wonder how they would go about explaining social distancing…


Pretty tricky problem considering most of the Sesame Street characters require two puppeteers to operate.


The weirdest part of this whole thing is that it’s a 1-800 number that you use a phone to call. Is nobody else hung up on that part?


A real Mickey Mouse operation.




Hmm, interesting. But note Louie’s genre-aware skepticism. Did it stick? Was she a main character after this? Or did she have to go back in the fridge for some reason at the end of 22 minutes?

Because if she isn’t living with them 24/7 after that—if she immediately jetted off to “go exploring” or something—then I think we have to conclude that Scrooge just put an actor on retainer and told her to clear her calendar for birthdays and Christmas for a few years.

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There was an “Elmo’s Virtual Playdate” or something similar special last week. They kept it very light, but did a decent job.

I think they were very selective about which muppets to include, and how they showed them videoconferencing, but it wasn’t noticeable that anything was wrong.

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