Disneyland: the most infectious place on Earth


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This was how it began.

Within weeks, the so-called “Mouse Virus” had spread throughout the nation…


Keep going… Not necessarily here, but give us a heads up on the release date.

(Not being snarky. There is horror novel potential, here).


They shouldn’t have left the Virologist’s Apprentice alone in the lab.


I’m pretty sure that’s Las Vegas.


No, for real! IRL, recent outbreaks have been reported in buroughs of NYC, and also Lisbon, Westchester, Majorca…

Disney may not be the source, but it makes for a great hub.

Pretty soon there will be erect-walking, talking dogs and mice everywhere.


Pedantic note regarding some of the jokes above:
This particular disease is spread through bacteria inhaled via small water droplets, is not a viral, and is not spread directly person-to-person.


True, but in zombie stories it’s always a virus.


I think Legionnaire’s occurs in places like this when the maintenance schedule for a given piece of machinery just isn’t keeping up with rising heat/moisture levels.


Don’t forget that Disneyland is a popular place for anti-vaxxers to take their kids to also


If they’ve shut down the cooling towers, is there any danger of a Disney meltdown?



There’s a risk Walt may thaw out for sure.


I’d like to snark about “karma” or whatever, but their kids are the ones getting infected because of their stupidity, because life is unfair and hell is other people.


Yep. I googled “creationist theme park” and “legionella”. Nothing. Or maybe nothing that shows up above the general background of “God’s Will” in those places.


I’m literally at Disney World as I type this. Here’s hoping they inspect all their properties!


Right. Air conditioning units are a common form of incubation and transmission. That was actually the culprit when they discovered the disease itself.


Well, what do you know. With a name like Legionnaire’s, I assumed it was older in origin than air conditioning technology, but no, it’s named after the time in 1976 when a contaminated AC system fucked up an American Legion convention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Philadelphia_Legionnaires’_disease_outbreak


Yep, Legionniaire’s has been known about for 40 years and with reasonable maintenance practices is easily avoided. What the hell are Disney or their maintenance company doing?


Are they sure it wasn’t Imagineers Disease?