Yet another Disneyland measles scare

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Disneyland should have an Anti-Vaxxers Day and just get these kids all virused up at once. Can even change the ride’s name to It’s A Smallpox After All.


Imagine the work to sterilize all the park after that.

No way.

Oh my ever loving God no. The potential for horrible outcomes on that would be truly legendary.


Not only for the kids… Think on how many Mickeys we would lose…


I go to Disney specifically for the infectious diseases.


And today, Disneyland, tomorrow Totnes.


I actually had to click through to make sure this was current and not a repost from the last Disney related measles outbreak. Sigh, it is, in fact, current. Damn.


High fructose corn syrup causes diabetes which is more deadly than autism. When are the anti-vaxxers going to hop on the “NO SODA” bandwagon.

(me and the kiddos are already on that wagon, but it’s because we try to stay healthy with juice and tea)

(which is also why we’re all vaccinated)


Once and for all, THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!

Infecting more people just increases the risks of infection for people who are already vaccinated, people who are immunocompromised and people who cannot be vaccinated.


And not just Totnes, the UK as a whole lost its measles-free status too.

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Once again, the Internet comes together and sees the urgent need for a sarcasm font.


I don’t see why “/s” is that hard to type.


This week is Lead Poisoning Awareness Week, so happy LPAW.

According to WHO, since January there have been around 6500 measles outbreaks in the Americas, most (4500) in Brazil, many (1250) in the US, and the rest scattered among the other countries. The situation on other continents is as bad or worse. There have been 1170 cases in Lebanon alone in the past year, and in Europe the number of cases per month seems to vary this year between 400 and 2000:

This is a major global pandemic, and as bad as creating a new vector in Disneyland is, making that the story does have the potential to fool people into thinking that we’re still in the universe of isolated outbreaks.

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I was assuming my invocation of smallpox would be able to do the heavy lifting, Poe’s Law-wise.

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Might be the wrong topic to attempt sarcasm without a marker, Poe’s Law or not. Every damn time there’s a thread on vaccination/measles, you can count on at least one anti-vaxxer and at least one “let all anti-vaxxers and their children die” tr0ll to show up.


I think the idea comes from some vague social memory of when the less severe ‘childhood diseases’ were simply something that everyone was going to contract sooner or later and needed to get through. There was a pretty widespread idea that it was better to catch them when the kid was otherwise healthy, since then the kid would have more reserves to spend fighting them, possibly escaping the more severe consequences. Certainly, as boys neared puberty, there was a rush to make sure that they had had mumps, because mumps has more severe consequences (including sterility) in adult men. I’m of the last cohort for which that was recommended. I kept failing to catch mumps despite deliberate exposure, and fortunately the vaccine was introduced in time (because I was rather a late bloomer - I believe I was immunized at 13).

Of course, with vaccination and widespread herd immunity, it is not a given that you’ll get measles, or mumps, or rubella, or chickenpox, or … sooner or later, and so there’s no reason to want to catch the disease at an opportune time.


Well, there is this at least.


Sure glad to hear that my kid and wife dodged the measles bullet by three days apparently…

Out of town friends visited, and they were there the Sunday before the most recent MeaslesGeddon…