DIY: 20 easy ways to hack and improve your garden

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The effect of number 18 can also be accomplished by planting chives.


The easy way to hack your garden is to use a machete. Or was that hack, as in, to gain unauthorized access to a computer system? Because I don’t think you can do that to a garden, unless it’s a garden of computers, in which case a stepladder might be the tool to use.


Also known as 20 ways to get a sternly worded letter from your HOA.

Old tires as planters? Really?


My what now?


man, a little bit more instruction and description would’ve been nice for some of those. some things are self-explanatory, but others… i mean, how do you make that fountain? what is attracting those butterflies? what do you attach the chicken wire to, and how?

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Homely Octogenarian Acrobats

15 . What better use of an antique typewriter.

Typing ? Spare parts ?


Even doorstop would be better than permanently ruining it by putting it out in a garden.

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The Aristocrats!


I was hoping for something like ‘useful tips to eradicate horrid, plant-spoiling creatures who have NO BUSINESS messin’ with mah nature!’ kind of ‘hacks’. The fuckin’ fauna wants to leave my flora alone, so it does.

“Buy a special feeder to attract all the butterflies that aren’t coming to your garden because you’ve filled it with antique glass, chickenwire sculptures and concrete mushrooms instead of, y’know, plants.”


I’m guessing from the picture that the amazing “butterfly feeder” is nothing but a dish with some overripe orange slices in it. The purple wire thing seems to be sitting on nothing grander than a normal garden cane and secured with garden twine. As for the fountain you can buy them pre-made, but my dad made one twenty or so years ago with what seemed like nothing more than a pencil for marking, a drill, a length of garden hose, and some kind of serious strength “outdoor” glue. Admittedly my dad was one of those kinds of people who could turn his hand to any kind of practical task with good results though. If I tried the same thing I’d probably end up severing a finger and gluing the drill to my face for all eternity.


The non-blade-related sense of “hack” was invented by programmers, but it was never just about computers, or about unauthorized access. The Jargon File tells us:

“Hacking might be characterized as ‘an appropriate application of ingenuity’. Whether the result is a quick-and-dirty patchwork job or a carefully crafted work of art, you have to admire the cleverness that went into it.”

The Jargon File is never wrong.


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