DIY X-Men: Pyro flamethrowers


That’s pretty awesome. Though he’s braver than me for not wearing some Nomex gloves.

Nomex is only going to keep you from brief encounters with flame. I wouldn’t want to wear those things even with nomex.

I’ve scratch built enough venturi burners for metalworking forges etc… that I’m sure as shit that I wouldn’t want those nozzles a) on my wrists/body b) that far back. Even though the gas is igniting a bit from the tips of those things, they’re still going to heat up if you run them enough, and there looks to be little insulation between the apparatus and his wrists.

He’s brave, indeed. And resilient too. One of his videos shows how he got a fairly unpleasant burn in an accident with a jet engine (or something like that) run too close to a leaky joint on the piping. The fireball was a sight to see, and the blisters too. I admire his composedness when he got the burns treated. Ouch. But then, three weeks and he was like new again.

On a side note, flamethrowers are cool! Fwooooooosh! Mwahahahahahaha! :smiley:

Edit: And the TIG welding rig is giving me a bad case of workshop envy.

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