DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather fined over posts promoting fraud-tainted cryptocurrency


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Not so much a crypto currency as a cryptid one.



Can I use it to buy Enron stock?


Wait, there were shady practises surrounding a cryptocurrency business? How can this be?


Yes, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. . . .

There are videos of him posing with huge stacks of cash in his casino hotel room. Whattaguy.


Imagine the financial acumen attained by combining the kind of person who is interested in new and exciting cryptocurrencies to invest in with someone who would be influenced by financial advice from DJ Khaled or Floyd Mayweather.

Basically, picture someone with one $250 sneaker untied and the other in a double-knot they’ll have to cut to remove at the end of the day trying to decide if they should spend this month’s paycheck on another katana with a Gucci logo on the handle, or pay some of the back rent. (hint on which one they pick–it breaks the third time they swing it around trying to show their girlfriend how awesome it is and breaks the fish tank)


Were they paid in US $'s or the cryptocurrency?


Congrats DJ Khaled



Yep. It’s pretty much belief that buoys it.


Nessie Coin! You are lucky if you see it!


Decades later, the story comes out that the only sighting of the coin was actually a man in a rubber suit.


as opposed to those reputable legitimate cryptocurrencies


“sleazy crypotocurrencies”

Isn’t that redundant?


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