For a mere $105,000, John McAfee will tweet about your cryptocurrency


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Sounds like a good plan…

ETA actually considering John McAffee maybe he should offer to not tweet about your currency for $105,000.




McAfee is showing the cryptocurrency weenies what a real predator in the market looks like.


For $105,000, I’ll take a dump on a representation of your cryptocurrency of choice.


He’s aging so well.


I just searched for Poopemojicoin and there’s no such thing, damn your eyes, Doctorow! Or maybe McAffee’s eyes as he seems to have said it first. But he’s replaying to someone else. Well, damn someone’s eyes, anyhow; the 1st has been and gone three days ago.

Apologies for lame swears: it’s the medication.


Get off of my cloud!


What a bargain! Who?


Does he take payment in Dunning-Krugerrands?


Watched Netflix McAfee documentary, Gringo, last night. Recommended.

ETA: But requires strong stomach because he is really, really disgusting.


:poop: this one? :poop:
Not that they are worth anything.


+1 Internet!


I was hoping he’d take good old Sandia Republic dollars.


I will also tweet about any bullshit currency of your choice for $105K. 10% off on Mondays.


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