With death, John McAfee reneges on promise to eat own penis on national TV

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Don’t forget that when he was on the run from authorities he let Vice publish a photo of him that included location information in the metadata.

But hey, it’s not like he was supposed to be some kind of cyber security guru or anything.


My partner and I were just talking about him last week… I mansplained how if Elon Musk was Tony Stark and Jeff Bezos was Lex Luther, McAfee would be whatever their bastard offspring would grow up to be.
Looks like we killed him…

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“natioanal TV” ?


Yeah but this one wins the better headline award


You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool…oh, hell…actually you can fool most of the people all of the damn time, but in this case the chickens finally came home to roost.

There was nowhere left to hide.

Now do Trump.


Rob beat ya to it;


I know this isn’t exactly a New York Times obituary, but given the details surrounding his death and the twisted circles he operated within, the dick-eating focus of the headline is disappointing.

Somehow the circumstances of his death, resemblance to Epstein’s case, along with McAfee himself posting that he would not kill himself and that if he were to wind up like this it would be the result of assassination - no let’s make a dick joke instead. Not to say he deserves better, but why miss such a great story?

The guy could have just been a paranoid cook. He was certainly a cook of some variety. Still, were I a similarly paranoid cook, I would point to the fact that I have yet to see a headline mention “apparent suicide” or the warnings he issued related to the same, and instead focus on his crypto shenanigans (at best) and say “something something deep state.” I can’t imagine this modest blog would have such ties or sympathies. OR IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO THINK?! :wink:

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But, to your credit, y’all did this one too (which I’m only now seeing): John McAfee found dead in jail cell | Boing Boing


Weird flex man, but okay.

Waiting to hear what his method of suicide was. If it was from choking on something then…um…yeah.


That post ninja’d this one, hence the shift in focus in the title.

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Weirdly, this reminds me of the controversy where GG Allin kept promising to kill himself at a show on Halloween, but always ended up in jail around that time. That was a serious point of debate in ye old punk zines about whether he was doing that on purpose. The last one where he promised to do this, he died of an accidental overdose before he could…

So… John McAfee is the GG Allin of the tech world…


Well, he couldn’t have been that great of a cook, if he killed himself to get out of cooking his penis.


Points for snack ideas…


I get what you are saying but I think his “If I die I was whacked” claim has about as much credibility as his dick eating claim. i.e., none whatsoever, they were both cons to get attention. That doesn’t mean there was no foul play but it also has all the hallmarks of someone who lived his life under the ironclad belief that he could do anything with no consequences and couldn’t take the revelation that even his privilege only goes so far.


My favorite headline thus far:


someone mash GIF


Musk WISHES he were Tony Stark. Really he’s one of Tony Stark’s inherited-wealthy investors.

Bezos as Luthor resonates though.


He outed himself as a very unreliable narrator with the bitcoin thing; which seems to have some relevance here as relates to what he said about suicide.

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