The Setup interviews John McAfee


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For bonus points, imagine John McAfee visualizing a 4-dimensional mind map while sipping espresso, holding a 22 semi-auto rifle, and (most importantly) having extended sex.

Now think back to that image every time you start your antivirus.


Thankfully, I don’t use McAfee on any of my computers, so I don’t have to think about that at all. Ick.


If I was 68 and having extended sex, I’d probably find a way to tell everyone as well.


I kinda thought by this point that McAfee was understood to be a murdering misogynist nutjob with some serious drug problems? Or is that all part of the conspiracy against him?

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… research chemicals from China that are classed as “Smart Drugs”. They allow me to solve 2nd order partial differential equations in my head and to spontaneously create 4 dimensional images of software structures that I can mentally manipulate."

Ginseng combined with schizophrenia will tend to do that to someone.

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Did you watch the video? He’s fully embraced the lifestyle it seems.

what he seems to be, from everything i’ve read, is a compulsive prankster whose every statement should probably be taken with a liberal helping of salt. including the ones where he talks about doing bath salts.

unfortunately his penchant for pranks makes it difficult to take anything he says seriously, so one wonders why the media still pays attention to him.

Went back and enjoyed it tremendously. Dude likes his guns and ladies, that’s for sure.

He was featured in a recent Wired magazine and that story did not paint the nicest, or sanest, picture of the man. He has definitely embraced the saying of a friend of mine, “It’s not paranoia if you know it’s true.”
And if he’d like to give me the next Galaxy S4 he’s ready to toss, well, that’d be nice.


It’s not really all that hard to solve at least some second-order partial differential equations in one’s head, is it? I took that course was a long time ago and can’t really recall, lacking “Smart Drugs” as I am.

(It is of course a terrible idea to try that one a test, since if you happen to mess up there’s no way you’re going get partial credit if you didn’t bother to write anything down.)

you’re assuming he actually meant the things he told the folks at wired magazine.

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As we used to say around her, that guy’s so full of shit, his eyes are brown.

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Mr. McAfee left McAfee Associates in 1994. He has not had anything to do with the company since then.


Aryeh Goretsky


It is important to take Mr. McAfee’s answers to these types of interview questions with a grain of salt. He gets asked the same questions repeatedly and then starts giving the most outré responses he can envision.

You would probably, too, if reporters came up to you and asked the same questions over and over again.
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Not necessarily–I was thinking more of the reporting that had been done about his association with the community he was living in at the time, and other information about him given by friends and associates (both former and current). Frankly, I paid less attention to what he said in that particular article than to the information discovered and presented by the journalist.
I don’t have a care one way or another about the man–he just seemed like a formerly successful businessman who let things go a bit awry via paranoia and a penchant for violence.

  1. He talked about doing bath salts on a private drug-related forum under a pseudonym that someone else linked to his persona.

  2. The murder charges weren’t a prank.

That he’s crazy, a compulsive liar, and a potential murderer are not mutually exclusive.

It makes me very sad that people think every misogynistic Charlie Sheen is as “cool” as Hunter S Thompson/Burroughs simply because they do a lot of drugs and wallow in bacchanalia.


never said he was cool or that i thought he was, but…[quote=“Mausium, post:17, topic:25666”]

  1. He talked about doing bath salts on a private drug-related forum under a pseudonym that someone else linked to his persona.

using pseudonyms when pulling pranks is hardly unheard of.[quote=“Mausium, post:17, topic:25666”]
2) The murder charges weren’t a prank.

they weren’t necessarily legit, either. there’s plenty of corruption in the american legal system, so it’s not hard to believe there’s corruption elsewhere too.

mcafee doesn’t make it easy to know anything for certain about him. virtually everything we think we know about him has potentially been subject to manipulation.

lol shooting ppl to death is an awesome prank! That merry prankster, him.

Not sure why you think the bath salts thing isn’t true… that’s what ‘research chemicals’ are: psychoactive drugs that mostly don’t have a street name and simply are known as their chemical name. There are heaps of them and you can order them by the kilo.

I hate the ‘bath salts’ monicker. Mind you, there’s a difference between the branded guck and RCs (a couple of the RCs aren’t actually awful, for starters)