John McAfee: still creepy




John McAfee: still stupid


Wait…that wasn’t his death mask? That is creepy!


Creepy or not, he has a valid point. Too bad he used hot wet undersge girls to make his point - he couldn’t use a priest in the confessional or something?


At least these days people seem to have stopped creepily admiring his degenerate “lifestyle” ala Charlie Sheen.


Better weird than boring. Give me a dozen of McAfees (but please keep the software, thankyouverymuch, it’s a long time that brand used to be decent) for each Trump.


I dunno.
McAfee is SO OUT THERE that no quasi-normal-ish person could possibly look at him and think “That’s a good example to live by.”
Trump, on the other hand, is dangerous because people can look at him and think “Now there’s a winner.”


Well, if I’d be old, rich and crazy, I’d prefer the McAfee way. The Trump way is plain and boring. McAfee is at least somewhat adventurous.


Whose apprentice would you rather be?



Better to be on the run from some banana republic’s police than to be yelled at by some half-bald half-dumb fat man in a sterile office.


Well, to be fair, he doesn’t specify that they are hot or underage. (I think we can take wet for granted.) What caught my attention is the notion of texting in the shower. Do many teen girls (or anyone) do this?


My nephew, 21 years old, puts his phone in a ziplock bag to take in the shower. I think mostly for texting.


I wouldn’t know, not being a software mogul.


I call shenanigans, does touchscreen even work in a shower with a ziplock bag in front of your (wet) finger?


As I happened to have a ziploc bag and a glass of water of my desk, the answer is suprisingly, yes.


Hey, what else can we get @SmashMartian to do?


@SmashMartian: What does a selfie from inside the glass of water (and ziplock) look like?


And make certain it’s in landscape…


I was at an all-day rain-or-shine music festival that was all-rain and people were offering me ca$h money for the ziplock protecting my phone. Because they wanted to protect their phone.

Yep, texting works just fine. Next time you go to an all-day rain-or-shine music festival, bring some extras, and you’ll make some friends.


Shenanigans? A 70-year-old man is describing his communications with wet, naked teens, and you think some part of this might be inaccurate - even dishonest? So cynical.