John McAfee arrested, charged with DUI and gun offenses


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I hope people at some point stop giving that walking borderline personality disorder and likely-murderer so much attention and taking his words at face value. He’s the tech nerd’s Charlie Sheen meets Manson.


I’d say that somebody with a gun and under Xanax is safer than somebody with a gun and NOT under Xanax. Less prone to freak out and panic. Good stuff.


But do we not love Charlie Sheen and Manson? When Trump becomes President, he should appoint McAfee the Secretary of Computers and Stuff.


Computers and Stuff/Drug Czar/Strip Clubs


Who better to head our cyber defense program than the man who invented everyone’s favorite antivirus?


I love the part where he whines his doctor didn’t warn him about not driving – or give a recommended dose, apparently. Uh, John? Grown-ups read the label before taking meds.


But… But… my “bath salts” and “super perv powder” never had labels…


Well they didn’t hold him long. He’s been spotted at defcon.


Psychos with money get out of anything, and apparently receive no social sanctions.


no. he’s a bad guy. I heard he gave a kid a wet willy one time.


least surprising headline ever.


That antivirus program remains his biggest crime.



I remember when it was new. It was fairly decent back then. The guy in question left the company in 1994 and sold his part of its shares in 1996. Back then it was still a usable piece of software. Only later it devolved into an unusable crapola.


See, the problem isn’t that he was driving impaired and armed, it’s that he was doing it unaccompanied by his attorney.


No shit. That’s really him, isn’t it?

“McAfee claims he didn’t know what Xanax does”
Somehow, I find this difficult to believe.


I-is she snorting that with a crazy-straw? I guess she doesn’t really wanna get that high.


John McAfee is what happens when a guy goes through a mid life crisis, has a few million dollars, and nobody to keep him from floating off into the stratosphere.