John McAfee arrested, charged with DUI and gun offenses


Mr. McAfee took a leave of absence fro McAfee Associates in 1994, which became permanent in 1995. The new president and CEO, William Larson, was chosen by the company’s board of directors after a lengthy search. I suppose you could say that while Mr. McAfee came up with many of the ideas behind the software, it was Mr. Larson who commercialized it.

I remember when it was new. It was fairly decent back then. The guy in question left the company in 1994 and sold his part of its shares in 1996. Back then it was still a usable piece of software. Only later it devolved into an unusable crapola.


I’m not surprised he got arrested again, I’m mostly surprised that it wasn’t VICE’s fault this time.

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Ladies and gentleman, Donald Trump’s running mate.


As a long time av guy, anyone in the industry knows Johns antics have less than zero implication for products sold with his name attached. If anyone associates Johns misadventures with the current business unit, the joke is on them.

His antics are pretty funny though, as long as you aren’t on the wrong side of things.


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