Do Democrats also promote Candidates that will work against voter's interests?

If you’re looking for trickery, you’re going to need a better example than that.
That was the centrist faction of the Democrats seeing that Sanders was beating all their candidates individually, but not having enough support to beat the centrists as a whole. So they got together and consolidated their votes.
The supporters of the candidates that dropped out weren’t tricked into backing Biden - they were already leaning in that direction, they just felt their original candidate better reflected their politics and interests or had a better shot at ousting Trump


The “tricking” that went on was fear mongering that Sanders would not beat trump. Shortly after the centrist consolidation this became a message forward in the press, when all the months leading up to that polling showed clearly that Sanders would beat trump. Suddenly there was a message that he couldn’t - and if you did not want 4 more years of trump you should support Biden. Clearly this was not true, but I still encounter people who claim that. Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing was making such a claim on Twitter just today. I’m sorry - that is fuckery and such claims are and were baseless, but here we are still hearing it as justification for rallying around Biden. It was a manipulation plain and simple. You may want to call that campaigning, but it was some dirty shit, certainly not playing fair. But same shit Clinton and DNC played against Sanders the last time.

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No, actually Sanders did better in 2020 up to when the primary basically came to a halt. You have to go back and compare the delegate counts. This year Sanders won bigger in a couple of states and took enough delegates in other states to be ahead of where he was in 2016 at the same point - up to when the pandemic interrupted the primary.

If voters are dupes - weren’t his voters the biggest dupes for being convinced he was the only candidate who could possibly win?

WTH? Sanders was the best candidate for the people. Its the Biden supporters that were led to believe that Sanders could not win. At the time Sanders suspended I was convinced that Biden could not win, but trump took care of that, and now even the VOID left by Biden can win - at this point a bowling pin could win.

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Not sure what “general consensus” you are referring to. Yes, a large number of Trump voters do, in fact, vote against their own economic best interest, but if, for them, it is more “in their interest” to erase the legacy of the first Black president, make sure there is no first female president, and return to a state of being where straight white men were unquestionably superior to all others, then yes, they were absolutely voting in their own best interests, as they saw it. Evil and wrong, but certainly a viable POV.


No - you are missing the point. I am not talking about rabid right-wing trump supporters. Long before trump ever ran for president the GOP practice was to campaign on socially conservative issues like abortion and gay marriage to gain support for candidates that would go on to support policies that punished or disadvantaged economically the very people they got to vote for them based on issues like abortion.

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It is true that he was winning until he was losing- just like Buttigieg. And every candidate who had a lead until they didn’t.

I was also a youth of twenty - you need to look back at that to determine my true age.


You keep saying this like it means he had the election sowed up by this talismanic statement. And that it meant other voters agreed with you on this statement.

Every voter thinks their candidate is the best one for the people. No one goes in the voting booth saying - man - I really want to just fuck everyone over!


You may have missed the last 10 years. The rabid right wing is the GOP now. The election of a Black president seemed to catalyze the final stages of the evolution of the party into what we see now, the Party of Trump (POT). And they elected the most batshit crazy, misogynistic, racist, homophobic asshole they could possibly find, because that was what they wanted. There is certainly trickery involved, but it takes the form of gerrymandering, voter suppression and deception. No, the current POT would consider Saint Ronny a libtard and thrown him out. They were not tricked. Trump announced who and what he was, exactly and in detail, l9ng before he decided to run. And the POT loves him for it.


thanks for the recent history lesson - again you miss the point. I’m not talking about that.

Not sure who you are having a conversation with, but I never said Sanders was ever winning.

No, I actually never said that.

Except in this case its clear that Sanders interest was the people, and Biden’s interest was assuring big money donors that “nothing would change”.

It’s far from clear, if you’re not looking at things through Sanders-colored glasses.


No, its clear no matter how you look at it. Biden said what he said to his wealthy donors. Unless you mean through Biden colored glasses “Nothing will change” means Biden is going to bat for you?

Maybe it does - Biden just lifted Sanders campaign slogan for his latest commercial As unbelievable as it seems Biden looks into the camera and says “Its not about me, its about us”. Incredible.

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Sanders can not fail, he can only be failed.


Biden appears to think so.

Joe was going to vote for Sanders? Now that’s news!

no, just lift his slogan

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If you say so; but I don’t know how “feel the bern” possibly helps him.

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Does it have to be three letters? Because I actually like pot and that really is NOT a positive connotation.

How about TP (Tr*mp Party) instead?


Biden just paraphrased Not Me - Us in his commercial. I’m sure this is just his weak sauce way of trying to appeal to Sanders supporters. Try Medicare for All Joe.

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I sent that to a friend for Xmas.