Do not watch "Hi Stranger" while high

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Her channel is great, but her shorts are pretty scarce for eight years running. Someone should offer this artist a show on Adult Swim.

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after falling asleep to Youtube ASMR barber video, dozing brain-in-a-vat reflexively seeks internet clickbait, until …

Hmm. m?
vaguely ■■■■■
uncanny valley skin,
non-homo homoerotic manchild voyeurism,
strangely satisfying skincream and mayo background,
pedobear trolling vibe and soothing Southpark voice,
8-bit 1980s sunset with vaporwave ambient trance soundtrack …

snark and sincerity converging,
Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street,
collective singularity emerging,
Berenstein bears and letter “A” meet
lost episodes of LOST are lost no more,
reality tastes like burning!!!

falls off chair

agro-paradox error.
alt-drive simulation failure.
windows within windows.
BSOD shutdown.
briefly see light.
cold reboot.
initiate brain.
in a better place now.
run meme-learning subroutine.
i think, therefore i am
not Ralph Wiggum.
Mandela effect complete.

dusts self off, looks around office, announces to room, grumbling

“Ok, awake now, no thanks to coffee.”


I read the title and instantly thought: “Oh shit I need to get high and watch this after work!”

I’m not the only one who thought this, AMIRITE?


As one that doesn’t partake, I’m puzzled by the title. It strikes me as exactly the kind of thing you’d want to watch while high. Or was it reverse psychology? Perhaps someone could explain it to a teetotaler?


Oh, I should have gotten high before watching that nightmare! Shapeless clay man’s monologue reminded me of a Catholic priest I knew (thankfully, not very well) in high school.

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So that happened… i didn’t know i needed it but i needed it.

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You can’t tell me what to do Rob YOU’RE NOT EVEN MY REAL DAD


Nice ass!

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Call, and I raise …
late for meeting


Way too much booty on this thing. Just… way too much :peach:

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