Marijuana use among teens causes spontaneous contact-giggles, to police dismay (video)




My kingdom for some image stabilization.


I guess smoking dope is better than turning to religion. But young adults, college kids maybe, acting like a troupe of apes isn’t really that funny. Being high makes you more intelligent and attractive, right?


[sighs and resets the “Number of days without a migrane” back to zero]


While the image quality isn’t any better, the version below does have a very fitting musical accompaniment. I first saw this a few years ago on Attack Of The Show, a show I couldn’t admit to watching without my friends or spouse asking, “How old are you?”


Where did the subject of religion come from?


That is a question us atheists have been asking ourselves for years.


That’s actually a pretty great illustration of why fish travel in schools and prey animals travel in herds.


Well, that depends. High on what? And in whose eyes?


Especially since Youtube offers it to do it automatically on upload. I don’t know if their process can handle something that extreme though.


I would think that the person doing the shrieking laugh would have been killed by now unless that is the first time he’s ever laughed.


I thought it was funny, but not nearly as funny as the guy shooting the video did,


It takes a village to fill a parachute


That’s easy, religiosity is an evolved trait, just like everything else. Which leads to my favorite irony; evolution is responsible for the traits that lead some to deny evolution.

We've evolved to disbelieve evolution

That looked remarkably like the fruit flies when I open the compost bin.


And I suspect one or two of the weaker got at least a mild beat-down. Cops don’t like to be startled.


This happened at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO. It’s likely the cop was laughing also, though whoever got their parachute confiscated probably wasn’t.


I suppose there could have been a very small tent revival going on under there.


It makes you more attractive than smug self-satisfaction does.


I’m willing to bet you’re not nearly as high or shaky as the guy shooting the video is.