Do or die: register to vote!

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Annnnd once registered F’ing VOTE!

This is bullshit:



Thank you. The Mueller investigation, the invocation of the 25th Amendment, and the ravages of an 11-year-old’s fast-food diet on the body of a septuagenarian are all out of our control as solutions, but this is one way we can all contribute to putting a check on the worst excesses of this wretched regime over the next two years.

Vote, dammit!





As someone who can vote in absentia, I have already filled out my ballot… And while some of the choices were super clear (like governor or senator…) for many of the more local options it was surprisingly hard to find anything out about the candidates. In particular, there was no party affiliation listed for any of the justice positions – and I think current events have made it abundantly clear how important a role judges have in our democracy.

After some searching on the internets, and several false starts with local sites providing incomplete and even (dare I say) biased information, I stumbled upon Ballotopedia. It was really useful in giving me background on the candidates, as well as party affiliations. I’d recommend taking a look!

(As well as actually voting, obviously)




Also check to see if you’re still on your state’s register of voters. 21,000 voters removed from the register in one state where Hair Furor won by 23,000 in 2016 are now back on for 2018’s election. Voter disenfranchisement is a huge and underreported issue.

Also, consider bringing a pen and voter registration forms with you when you go out, if you see a citizen who isn’t registered, you can save him or her a step or two.


I’m registered, and have been for 30 years. Though I finally registered as a Democrat in 2016 (due to local politics).

Speaking of registration drives (so not totally off the subject), did anyone else get a popup sent to their phone’s web browser yesterday? (It was the Google doodle reminding people to register.) Wasn’t sure if it was a Firefox thing, or a Google/Android thing. But I’m a little concerned it could turn into a “go into private mode and hoover up the files in there” thing.

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And then check and recheck your registration.

A lot of people (especially in certain demographics) are finding themselves suddenly deregistered. Print out a copy if you can, so you have some kind of proof if, come voting day, you are mysteriously not on the voter list.

These fuckers are playing dirty.

Trust but verify, and verify repeatedly.


Just checked my reg, even though I voted in CA’s midterm primary just a few months ago. I’m still registered, which is good… but when I went to look up my local polling station, this is what I found and it has me concerned:

It bothers me that the official polling station for my district still hasn’t been announced yet, with less a few weeks to go before the damn election.


Here’s my 5 cents worth.

Don’t cancel yourself out on this.



Same here.

You very likely already know that polling locations can change from election to election. I live in LA County, and I’ve experienced a location-switch a few times; I’m not certain what drives that switch, but the process may involve certain factors (ex: verified number of polling volunteers; availability of large enough locations to accommodate number of voters that came through those locations previously). That process may take time to sort out before committing to, say, voter information publications.

Whatever, I know I’ll be contacting my local election official tomorrow.

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