Do your eyes have perfect pixel pitch? Here's a fun test to find out



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I developed a little ocd whereby some pages I visit and select 2 or 3 letters try to make a perfect square with the text selection box. So I can’t wait to try this out and see how accurate I am :smile:

Off by 2! Clearly I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops back in the day (and css).

"Your total score is 648!

Round 1: 22
Round 2: 87
Round 3: 49
Round 4: 227
Round 5: 263".

Maybe I should be asleep instead! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if I could use this as a training tool to get better at pixel-vision. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in Webdev. The designer hands me a design. I use onscreen tools to measure all the things. I write the css. The designer looks at the design and tells me how this is off one pixel here and that is off 2 pixels there and can’t I TELL that it’s all wrong?!!! (No. No, I can’t. That’s why I write code instead of drawing pictures.)

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