Dobby is dead and does not need your socks

There is something pretty fundamentally human about honoring the dead and about embracing stories. Both seem to shape our understanding of ourselves and the world we’ve built.


Yeah, I don’t disagree. I mean it’s not like leaving flowers for the dead has any benefit to them (that we know of at least), but it gives comfort to the people that do it so it’s hard to really find fault in that.

I totally get how you can have something akin to a personal connection to a fictional character or place, and to become deeply immersed in fictional worlds.

I’m a huge fan of the Yakuza series of games. I’ve sunk many hundreds of hours into them, and goodness knows next time I go to Japan I’ll be seeking out the meatspace equivalents of some of the locales in the game. To me, that kind of fantasy tourism seems much different than leaving behind real gifts for a fictional character at a fictional grave site (especially considering the harm it causes to the area). That in particular is what seems really strange.

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You mean I wasn’t supposed to set that cop on fire when I visited the Isle of Whithorn?

Seriously though, it looks like souvenir hunting fans of The Wicker Man have ruined there too.


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