Now JK Rowling grossly equates trans people to her "Death Eaters"

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That tells us JK Rowling doesn’t understand her own characters.

Death Eaters weren’t “made to live in secret”, they were a reactionary backlash because the Wizarding society had gotten to the point where blatant, murderous hate towards muggles and muggle-born wizards and witches was no longer acceptable. This made the DEs very mad, and Voldemort exploited this anger and resentment (there were a lot of DEs from old wizarding families that had been dwindling, due to anything from unwillingness to change with the times to actual inbreeding) to pursue his own agendas.

Which of course is 100% accurate description of how the far-right, including self-identified Nazis, is using TERFs like Rowling as their catspaws.


Is she suggesting that trans people are trying to “convert” everyone who isn’t already trans? Because I’m pretty sure even the most radical LGBTQ+ activists on earth never seriously proposed wiping out cishet people.


Well, maybe not all trans, but I think there is some sinister goal of having everyone live life as the person they want to be…and once that’s an option, who isn’t going to take them up?


That sounds more like the TERs. 20 years ago there was support for trans rights in the UK government, TERs were not given the publicity they are now and things were better than they are now.

Compare with today, when the Death Eaters TERs are in government and the press openly talking about stripping rights (and not just from trans people) and oppressing people. One of JKRs friends talked about how to genocide trans people a year before Michael Knowles did. This weekend Nazis were at a transphobic rally in Australia, and the TERs openly admitted that they see them as their allies.


In the 1997–1998 school year, Slytherin’s heir, Riddle (now known as Lord Voldemort), realised his ancestor’s wish of purging the school of Muggle-borns via another method: by taking over the Ministry of Magic and using falsified propaganda.[24


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Mental health issues is NOT the cause of bigotry… she’s a bigoted person. We know because she has aligned herself with bigots and is expressing bigoted views.

You’re gonna have to face that fact that bigotry exists, it’s real, it’s not caused by mental health problems, and it’s something we have to do something about… :woman_shrugging:




TERs weaponise mental illness against trans people. We shouldn’t copy them.


It’s like how people blame the alcohol for their viral bigoted rants. Booze didn’t cause the bigotry. It just exposed it.


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STFU, joanie.


The Death Eaters claimed, ‘We have been made to live in secret, and now is our time, and any who stand in our way must be destroyed. If you disagree with us, you must die.’ They demonized and dehumanized those who were not like them.

Every accusation is a confession.


You’re absolutely right. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse. I think my reaction is that the thinking is so broken and illogical, and JK is sort of quoting herself with these comments as though a bigoted reading explains or substantiates bigotry. It makes so little sense, and nobody seems to be able to dissuade her. I guess I’m just disillusioned. Thanks all, for the corrective insights. Mental health shouldn’t be used to excuse or to discredit.


It makes sense once you realize she’s a bigot. :woman_shrugging:

There are plenty of non-bigoted fantasy writers out there…


I hear her and I ask myself this: would it be so bad if everyone was trans - gender in the sense that everyone is post - modern though? For the people freaking out their lives would stay the same. They would continue doing as they please for the most part. The constructs under which they operate would be mostly unchanged. For the people being scapegoated it would be complete freedom just to be viewed as a type of people.



I mean, honestly, the way in which we’re expected to contort ourselves into particular boxes to satisfy some “real gender” is pretty oppressive.

Strikes me as another case of projection, that TERs are projecting the oppression of gender roles onto the trans community as the “real oppressive” and that the narrow expectations of being a man or a woman in the modern world are the “real freedom”… But any woman who has dealt with some form of misogyny, or any man who has felt inadequate in the face of hyper masculinity were dealing with the actual gender “ideology”…


I could be wrong- but if there’s anyone who’s trying to eliminate people from society based upon their genetic composition- it’s her.


Presumed genetic composition. Some of you know what I’m talking about.


Just so much cognitive dissonance for me, seeing JKR taking this stance.

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And on she goes, retconning everything she’s written to support her current stances, even when the meaning is plainly clear to everyone else.

In the original books, the death eaters were magic nazis. It was a really obvious metaphor. They were this political cult with religious overtones, which allied itself with aristocratic reactionaries to enforce a totalitarian version of blood purity on the world.

However, this scribbler can’t help using her fame as a cudgel, which is something else she’s been doing ever since she go enough fame and power to do so. I hate what she’s doing, and like her writing , she’s making it really obvious to the world what she’s doing- this is a really obvious hate campaign, lacking all subtlety or nuance, as is only to be expected from a TERF demagogue.