Annotating JK Rowling's bonkers anti-Trans rant

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I will never understand WHY. No one likes it when people get into their personal business, why do it to others? Just leave people the fuck alone.

EDIT: In Rowling’s case I know why. She wasn’t trending and people weren’t talking about her. So she opens her mouth says something stupid…and bam!..back in the spotlight.


Arthur Conan Doyle believed in spiritualism and fairies. Just because an author can write a book, doesn’t make them an authority.


At least he wasn’t particularly harmful.
Rowling’s views will directly lead to harm and abuse.
She can fuck right off.


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No, because she’s held anti-trans views for quite some time but she’s avoided, for the most part, really getting into it. She’s an embarrassment and a pretender as a “woke” progressive author but she’s just ego maniacal trash heap.

At the very least the various prominent actors from the movies are coming out to call her out on her bigotry and bullshit.


At least with Glinner it has a result: nobody can imagine anything he writes as funny any more. He’s like the anti-funny in the room. And he just keeps digging. It’s an obsession.


Indeed. It’s ruined some old stuff for me. Nobody really becomes such an asshole overnight. I hope we never have to put up with him again.

I was never a Potter fan but it’s a shame that someone that helped so many kids get into reading turned out to be such a bigot.


Cool. Yet another artist who needs to be considered separately from their art.

I couldn’t do it with Piers Anthony either.


“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Sorry to read about your choices, Rowling. I had just made it to the end of the second Harry Potter book and guess I won’t bother going further.


If you look at Piers Anthony’s books, there is a lot evidence in his books that he is not a good person. Rowling managed to avoid being so obvious in her books, but her subsequent behavior makes it impossible to ignore.


I’ve seen Ted and Books already, so I don’t need to again. I am convinced that if I knew which parts of the Day Today and Brasseye he wrote I’d suddenly find them inexplicably less funny…


I think that’s similar to the Spacey Effect.


I’m not sure it was that hidden. She queer bated with Dumbledore after the books were written. The whole Cho Chang thing. Hell, her pottermore write up on native Americans was frighteningly atrocious. The whole werewolves as a metaphor for HIV thing that is problematic as all get out.


I didn’t make it through Rowling’s whole rant, but more than enough. It is astounding how selfish it is. The entire thing is purely about herself and what she wants, with no self-awareness at all. The arguments are stupid and not thought out, but mainly its just the ramblings of a person who thinks they are way more important they everyone else


Glinner used to be a chaser and only became a full on transphobe when he was rejected because trans women find being fetishised creepy. If you dig back far enough his twitter is superficially supportive of trans people.

It also seems to be a thing that transphobes spend more time thinking about trans peoples genitals than trans people do.

As for JKR, I really wanted to think that she could be pulled back to being reasonable, but she has been in the FART bubble for too long.


My big issue is her implications that ROGD is real.

ROGD stands for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria that was coined by this “researcher” named Littman, when she went to 3 TERF sites to recruit 250-ish respondents about their children’s transgender issues. She also filled the preliminary release paperwork with the phrase ROGD, and explained what is it, which is not good science if you are trying to figure out if a new concept is true. Plus, you know, cherry picking your participants is kind of an issue.

ROGD is a theory that gender dysphoria is contagious, and if you hear or see anything about being transgender as a child, you might come down with gender dysphoria and become transgender. They claim this is a false state of being transgender that children are vulnerable to. ROGD is used as an excuse to remove transgender resources from anyone under age, and to isolate transgender minors from peers and groups that can support and help them.

It’s been thoroughly debunked, but that hasn’t stopped TERFs, like JK Rowling, from using it as a basis for further attacks on transgender people.


Where have I heard this before?


No, because she’s

And, because she’s…

I don’t disagree with you, I think her ego wanting the spotlight definitely plays a part.


Thank you. I hadn’t heard of some of those. Now I’m down the wiki rabbit hole.