Now JK Rowling grossly equates trans people to her "Death Eaters"

And on she goes, retconning everything she’s written to support her current stances, even when the meaning is plainly clear to everyone else.

In the original books, the death eaters were magic nazis. It was a really obvious metaphor. They were this political cult with religious overtones, which allied itself with aristocratic reactionaries to enforce a totalitarian version of blood purity on the world.

However, this scribbler can’t help using her fame as a cudgel, which is something else she’s been doing ever since she go enough fame and power to do so. I hate what she’s doing, and like her writing , she’s making it really obvious to the world what she’s doing- this is a really obvious hate campaign, lacking all subtlety or nuance, as is only to be expected from a TERF demagogue.


JK is the Trolll In the Girls Bathroom.


The broken feminist logic just gets me though. Like to her it is more supportive somehow to support a system that literally wants to make a patriarchal government entity in charge of determining who is and isn’t a woman and at what point they become one because she thinks that will protect women?


Yep. She’s also using her own awful experience in an abusive marriage to punch down on trans people. A cisgendered man hurt her, not trans people.


The thinking is that trans women are “men” who enjoy male privilege and the support of the patriarchal establishment, and that the transgender community is a reactionary, patriarchal movement that demands conformity to narrow gender norms and enables men to undermine women’s rights and reassert male control over women.


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Hence, she’s not really a feminist, even as she uses that as a cover.


“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

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I like to think of magic as like Neil Gaiman defined it in The Book of Magic: “Science is a way of talking about the universe in words that bind it to a common reality. Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore. The two are rarely compatible.”

In this view, wizards are those who have an ability to impose their will on the universe, changing things so that what they want is now reality. They are the ones who can stomp their feet and throw tantrums and wheedle until the universe relents and grants them their wishes. Death Eaters are like that: spoiled, privileged, and incredibly mad that no, they aren’t getting their way any more.

And that sounds more like the author of the book series more than any person trying to find their sexual identity, where they fit in. Like @Brainspore noted, I too have yet to hear of any trans person wishing ill on others, much less demanding they are the master race.


I know this isn’t your line of thought, so not directed at you…

I’m as privilege-blind as most cis men. So if anyone can think of an example of male privilege that trans women enjoy, that might help me understand / contextualize / refute arguments coming from a direction I currently can’t see.

Right now I see trans women being used as scapegoats from all sides, which doesn’t sound like a particularly privileged road to travel.


Legal recognition and rights for transgender people are held to be the result not of decades of campaigning by LGBT activists but the patriarchal establishment quietly helping their fellow “males”.


Let me see… If she says that trans people are Death Eaters, then this must be Dumbledore’s Army:



I get the feeling the people saying this need to meet a few members of the patriarchal establishment. They’re not as helpful as some people think.

Also, a history lesson or two wouldn’t go astray.

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Don’t gaslight us about what she’s been doing. She’s using her position of power and privilege to punch down.


Twee British boarding-school fantasies for little kids, inevitably promoting the values and culture of 19th-century colonialism to a new generation?

… or did I miss anything


Ok, I am a trans woman. I do still benefit, I think, from male privilege in some ways. For example, I didn’t transition until my 30s, so I was treated as a boy and a man up until that time. This means that in school, I benefited from male privilege in all the ways boys do in school, at least in the US. I didn’t have teachers telling me I should probably focus on easier subjects than math and science. I didn’t have parents telling me that I couldn’t be good at math because of my gender. I wasn’t discouraged from speaking my mind, quite the opposite. All that and more were instrumental in making me the adult I am today. And I see the effects of that even now. I am in law school, and I can see some of my classmates who are cis women more reluctant to raise their hand to volunteer answering a question. Many of them speak softly and passively when they do volunteer or are called on. While I gave up a lot of privilege when I transitioned, I would be lying if I said I lost all of it. That may not be the answer you were looking for, but I think it’s important to acknowledge these things.


Thanks for that. Really appreciate your words here.

Honestly, I have no idea what answer I was looking for. This is a blind spot for me, and every bit of honest and good-faith input (like yours) is appreciated.


Thanks for this! I appreciate your perspective into this conversation on gender!

I wish we could have more of these kinds of discussions rather than having to debunk BS from bigots… :cry:


Yeah, me too. I’m currently taking Family Law, and just yesterday, we were discussing this case. Now, I actually go to a fairly progressive law school, and the vast majority of my classmates very much support LGTBQ+ rights. I have also been very open about who I am, and most of my classmates know I’m trans and have been nothing but supportive. In 4 years of school, I haven’t been triggered by a classroom discussion once. Until yesterday. One of my classmates, who’s actually in the year behind me so I don’t know her, raised her hand yesterday and started spouting off all the standard right wing nonsense about children getting irreversible hormone therapies and surgeries on demand, blah blah blah blah. My hand shot up instantly, and almost every other person in the class turned to look at me with a mixture of concern and excitement (because I’m not exactly shy about expressing my opinion), but the professor (who is extremely progressive) never called on me. I hadn’t had this professor before and she didn’t know I was trans. Anyway, she let the bigot go on awhile, and then, in the nicest terms possible since professors have to be a little careful how they address students, told this student that while she appreciated her expressing her opinion, the overwhelming majority of experts in the subject disagreed with her. In hindsight, I was glad she didn’t call on me because I’m not sure I would have maintained my composure. The best part, though, was that we took a 10 minute break right after that, and about 10 of my classmates came over and asked if I was ok. I have (mostly) awesome classmates.


Oh wow… Are you okay? The fact that people like that woman are likely going to school to ensure a right wing takeover of the judiciary is scary… I’m glad that prof stuck with the facts on that…

That’s awesome!