Dock Ellis 'dockumentary' film opens this week




the original Dock Ellis animated short

Video: Dock Ellis who pitched a no-hitter while on LSD

A great song about Dock Ellis.


Can anybody explain the phrase “tripping balls?” Is it different from tripping? And what are the balls?


They’re usually the opposite of strikes.


It’s still early, but I believe you won the internet today.

(As an aside: Dock’s no-hitter has been getting a lot of attention over the last few years, and I think a lot of people hear “no-hitter” and jump to conclusions-- it WASN’T a perfect game, he walked the bases loaded, and was pitching kind of wild at times, by his own account sometimes the ball seemed like a pea, other times huge like a beach ball, so “tripping balls” certainly applies here.)



Ah, Dock Ellis. Also ties the record for most hit-batsmen in an inning. 3 in a row baby!

Reporters say he’s lying? Who the hell makes up the lie, 14 years later, that the no-hitter they pitched they were tripping on acid?


I guess I can understand why they think he’s lying, but if you’ve ever done acid (and I’m willing to bet a lot of those sports writers back then hadn’t), then his description of how it went down makes perfect sense. He was also on speed, which I’m sure helped too.


I have done acid, and yeah, I believe Dock’s version of events.


Great film showing the spiritual odyssey of Dock Ellis from pitcher throwing no-hitter on LSD to drug counselor. If you liked this film, you’ll love the new film “Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories” which also shows the spiritual side of a baseball icon. I got it from Amazon.

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