Video: Dock Ellis who pitched a no-hitter while on LSD


A cool little Documentary about Dock Ellis just came out…

Go Royals!

Big deal. I know people who battled intergalactic space dragons while on LSD.


That sounds cooler than the people battling international conspiracies involving LSD.

What about the 1974 game where he tried to hit everyone in the Reds team?

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I used to drink Intergalactic Space Juice, not sure how much LSD was in it.!

Is this the 3rd time BoingBoing has posted this, or just the 2nd?

I had originally posted a link to this animation in the comments of the discussion about the upcoming documentary and now there is a posting of a link to the trailer for the documentary in the comments of the discussion of the animation that had previously been posted.

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I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I listen to the same songs.

Somtimes I watch the same movies.

Sometimes I repeat myself when talking about things that move my soul.


The circle is complete.

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