Unintentionally funny 1969 anti-LSD film by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


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What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

You know who else was unintentionally 1969?


Another year with nothin’ to do.


Thanks a lot Frauenfelder for fixing the headline and ruining my joke :wink:


This film is included in the AV GeeksEducational Archives Lunchbox.



Also, somebody made good use of some of these educational anti-drug films from the 60s to make a stonkin video for a MLWTTKK song


Trying to eat a hot dog when you’re tripping is just a huge rookie mistake.

Hell, eating a hot dog when you’re not tripping is a bad enough idea.


Yes indeed, this one is a modern classic.

You know what else is “too big to fail”? Dinosaurs!


Anybody remember the film Rude Awakening ?


holy shit! This is the movie I saw in the 80s in some crappy Mormon junior high which totally convinced me that I needed to try LSD - a thing which by the way I have totally never done a lot of, or any at all now that I think of it!


She did the right thing, stomping the troll. No need to freak out about it.


Ahh the good ol days when cid was 500mcg each…Her friends didn’t give her good direction, but even still, what about the next 16 hours or so…I’m sure she settled down on a pier somewhere and really had a nice trip later,even after doing it dozens of times, at some pretty low “disco” doses (50-125mcg range?) the initial come on can be difficult to deal with…she should have laid low and listened to some tunes.

Going out in public is NEVER a good call in the first 5 hours, unless it is a rave or dead show or something. Hell, the general public scares me when I’m stone cold sober sometimes… and hot dogs? Well, they actually are murder in a sense!! lol


I had forgotten about that one… won’t somebody think of the tasty tasty hotdogs?

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