This trippy 1971 government-endorsed Alice in Wonderland anti-drug film makes drugs look fun

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Okay, I’ll start doing those drugs. Thanks US Government!


don’t know if we should see an edit link :smile:

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I can relate! My early interest in psychedelics was certainly encouraged by the outdated anti-drug propaganda I was exposed to, most of which was like surrealist avant garde film and cartoons. Even in the 1980s we were being shown crazy stuff from the early 70s which was laugh-out-loud hilarious. Don’t smoke a reefer, kids, or your friends will turn into giant walking anthropomorphic bananas! The horror!


a case for our Team Banana!


Pretty sure I’ve seen this on BB before. Drugs are still fun though.

Off-topic, but this might be as good a place to ask as any:
When I was in kindergarten or 1st grade (Ford was still president), I remember seeing a film where someone made a batch of cookies with (in hindsight) hallucinogenic properties. A neighbor, friend, etc. would take a bite of the cookie, and the film would cut to an image of the person looking mildly but pleasantly surprised, with some sort of animation drawn in around their face. In hindsight I can’t figure out what the message was (but this post made me think of it):

  • Don’t take cookies from strangers?
  • But I don’t think they were strangers, and I don’t recall anything (very) bad happening to anyone, so…
  • Be sure and try the special baked goods?

Anyone have an idea what the film might have been?

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I watched a couple minutes of the Marijuana! film after this one. Pretty cool, Larry Wilcox and Robert Pine arrest Larenz Tate and Matthew McConaugheyk in the first minute.

Wow, I feel like I just smoked some 1960’s schwag pudding.

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