Incredible anti-drug PSA from cartoon kings Hanna-Barbera and Art Babbitt

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Damn. I’ll bet it looks awesome when you’re high.


A “nice” touch with marijuana literally leading the poor junkie-to-be in…


He should have stayed outside where it was nice and full of drugs instead of going inside with all those other people watching TV.


Anti-drug movies and PSAs from the 70’s always made me WANT to take drugs. Maybe the sponsors were straight but no doubt the film crews were turned on.


So the message is… Don’t do Disney?


Anyone notice there’s a blue pill and a red pill?


That was the 1970’s. I’d imagine the animators and musicians et al were probably smoking some Good Weed: the gateway drug to becoming a Scooby Doo villain.


Shaggy wasn’t the villain.


Scooby Dooby Doobie!

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Just what are Scooby snacks, anyway? And why would Shaggy and Scoob do anything to get one?

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Yes, soft drugs lead to hard drugs. Pot is a gateway drug to tobacco, so let’s ban it.

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That was nothing compared to how trippy this anti-crack video is!

I always thought it was the other way 'round.

That’s what we were being told at school.
The trouble was that we didn’t believe a word of it.

From National Lampoon, January, 1972:

A recent study by the Food and Drug Administration has revealed that over 90 percent of all alcoholics started with beer. The yellowish-colored carbonated beverage, which many groups have contended is harmless, contains up to 12 percent of C2H5OH (ethanol), the same active ingredient found in much larger amounts in hard drinks, and consumption in small quantities appears to produce mild equivalents of the euphoria, hallucinations, and mental dissociation characteristic of users of more powerful substances. According to the study, large doses of beer, or “brew,” as it is usually referred to by habitual users, can lead to violent reactions, but ingestion of the amounts required is difficult without discomfort. The researchers failed to discover a pattern of psychological dependence in users or a provable cause-effect link between the consumption of beer and addiction to stronger beverages, but cited “an atmosphere of experimentation, familiarity, and social acceptance” that favored the transition."

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All I know is I tried cigarettes before I tried alcohol and marijuana, among other sundry items.

You know it only just occurred to me how every PSA tries to say, "you think drugs are cool but they’re not cool!" Drugs never seemed cool to me - it’s cigarettes that make you look cool. Drugs make you feel awesome. I 've never seen a PSA that said, “getting high feels bad,” because it’s real easy to test that hypothesis.

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