JOHN WILCOCK: Sneaking Pot into Disneyland with Shel Silverstein


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Mort Gerberg shares this memory of his encounter with John and Shel Silverstein outside the gates of Disneyland in 1966. From John Wilcock, New York Years.


Smoking pot at Disney in 1966 sounds very cool, like a good story.

Smoking pot at Disney today sounds a little sad, and I would’t want to know.

What happened??


Does marijuana cause distorted perceptions?


I can barely do D-Land sober, stoned is a non-starter, too freaky for me.


A friend and I were smoking hydroponics at Disney World in the late eighties. Not really any halluciations, but I probably looked like Mowgli being hypnotized.



I’m sure they were pioneers, but anyone who went to Grad Night at Disneyland in the 1980s knows that by then it was old hat.


Nope, but cartoonists who’ve never done it seem to think so.


My sixth grade teacher in Southern California worked as uniformed security on weekends at Disneyland in the mid to late Sixties and early Seventies. From the stories he told people were bringing marijuana there, smoking it, and getting it confiscated. It WAS the '60s and '70s after all.

He said the troubling cases were people that got absolutely wasted on alcohol, codeine cough syrup, and whatever else they could find to make themselves boisterous, belligerent, and otherwise unfit for polite society. (Though it seems like the cough syrup would just make you sleepy.)

The happiest place on earth is challenging enough when you have to clean some little kid’s puke off of your shoes, let alone a full-grown drunk’s.


God, screw the freakin’ 60’s


Everyone was screwing in the 60s (though we called it balling.)


Reminds me of the cartoon where the Freak Brothers go to Disneyland. They put on their best clothes & toke up as they drive on the freeway to Anaheim. Running up to the entrance, they’re stopped by guards & must submit to 3 inspectors: the clothing inspector, the hygiene inspector, & the attitude inspector. The attitude inspector lets Fat Freddy & Franklin in, but claims Phineas has a bad attitude. Phineas says “How can you tell my attitude? You haven’t spoken to me!” The guards jump on him & start beating him with clubs. A crowd gathers to watch & Freddy & Franklin sell them $1,300 worth of drugs.


That’s some potent weed.


In 1979 me and two buddies each rolled a joint and then dropped acid in the Disneyland parking lot. When the acid started kicking in we sat at the entrance of Tomrrowland with literally hundreds of people walking by us, pulled out our joints and smoked them right there. Only two guys stopped and asked us if we had any more but those three joints were all we brought with us. Nobody else, even if they knew what we were doing gave a damn. The weed kicked the acid into peaking and then we went on Space Mountain. Woohoo!


So… the pot of the 60’s was LSD?


Do I detect the influence of Ron English, or is that particular use of Mickey Mouse old hat nowadays?


Yeah, contrary to this artist’s depiction of smoking weed (really? full blown LSD style hallucinations from half a joint?) the stoners I’ve run into at Disneyland are just mellowed out and having a chill time of things. The belligerent drunks are awful. The ones who don’t get escorted out of the park make things ugly for everyone around them. Happily Disney has very low tolerance for that sort of thing.

Whilst alcohol is readily available at WDW, it’s a terrible place to be drunk in. Hot, humid, and crowded, with crazy-high alcohol prices – ugh. Not worth it.


I could probably spend a day stoned at Disneyland, or at least my 21 year old self could. Nowadays I don’t even really want to be stoned at my house (and haven’t been in a very long time).




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