Interview with a man who manufactured 3,000,000 Doses of LSD


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I’m tripping right now.


I would do that interview.


Me too, but I’m exceptionally clumsy.


I agree with his idea that bad trips are manufactured from our own material (especially our conscience) in the unconscious, which is why I never enjoyed tripping with someone inexperienced. Someone who is genuinely curious about it is much easier to babysit than someone who comes loaded with badly preconceived notions or even just doing it to look cool.

The one, single truly unnerving time I had was when I was followed out of a small town by a local cop who stated his true intentions to me after I had attended a party, because he thought I was drunk, and he wanted to bust me. He had no clue I had dropped acid three hours before. 50 miles felt like 5000 miles.


The cartoon was very educational.
Nice use of Cinecolor.


Man. Do you think Snow White’s dwarf friends were tripping?


I totally agree! Great cartoon. But where did that inspiration come from??? Perhaps Hofmann took a bicycle ride back in time on his way home…




Interview with a man who manufactured 750,000,000 Doses of LSD


Interesting that the trailer has “2017” in the title. The Sunshine Makers was released in 2015.


It’s subversive stuff!

The good guys are rocking Islamic neckbeards!


Good guys? I saw no good guys.

First we meet a cult of religious fanatics selling their own Kool-Aid. One Gloomy Goblin picked a fight by incompetently raiding the Sunshine Makers’ commerce and being easily repelled. The Gloomy Goblins then went to retaliate for the defeat in what was obviously a woefully unprepared and under-supplied assault with gas-powered hand guns. The Sunshine Makers, who had clearly been preparing for war for a while and had little to fear from the Gloomy Goblins, then proceeded to launch an invasion by means of heavy artillery and carpet bombing, culminating in psychological warfare including chemical brainwashing of the entire Goblin civilization. The cartoon was an orgy of belligerence and war crimes.

I think the Daria thread may be affecting me.


great storey , goovey cartoon !! also “”"" when one is on the other side , one no longer needs the key to the door “”"""



Seriously. We watch as the gloomy culture is systematically and deliberately eradicated. The most horrifying moment is when the gloomy victim is force-fed sunshine. Genocide!


Still more disturbing, it was sponsored by a major food production company…


That cartoon remindes me of the premise behind the terrible first person shooter HAZE


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