New comic book "The Beatles: Yellow Submarine" in the works

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So which page is going to be dosed with LSD?


One of my cherished kid-hood possessions was a Yellow Submarine lunch box. The old metal kind that came with a matching Thermos bottle.

I think I got it in 1st and 2nd grade. I remember looking at the trippy illustrations and wondering what the hell was going on. Didn’t see the film until a few years later.


Did actually seeing the film help?


Re Morrison: Looking at what was posted, he must have opted for freeze-frames, image captures, cutting, and pasting. My. What a great challenge for him.

I used to have a Yellow Submarine lunch box too – which is as hip as it gets for kid’s lunchboxes. My mother often asks me, “Whatever happened to that cool thing I bought for you when you were a kid?” Recently, I discovered the answer to that annoying question: “It’s behind glass in a tony antique store in Manhattan, Mom! Geez!


I remember reading something about one the animators for Yellow Submarine. He was asked what kind of drugs did he take while making the cartoon feature. The response was “Pepto Bismol and Asprin”


Well yeah, you can’t actually MAKE it while tripping your balls off.

They did experiments with drawing while ON LSD, and it got to the point you couldn’t do any “work” like that.


But the story definitely takes a turn to the funny when you consider the animation directors were in their mid to late 40’s. Old hands at “limited animation” for television and as far from the “hippie” crowd as one generally gets.


It’s all great until the thermos breaks.


It looks like the book’s artwork was put together using computers.

That spoils the ethetic.


I used to think of my project phases as “Stoned: Inspiration,” “Sober/Caffienated: Perspiration,” “1.5 Sheets to the Wind: Editing & Finishing Touches.”

I’m pretty much straightedge by circumstance these days, but so far am just sitting on a pile of the inspiration, without time for much perspiration outside of work… I want my money back.


I saw the actual film. AT HOME! My father taught a high school film appreciation course, and got to take home the films (16mm prints!) for family viewing.

It was a few years after the film came out. And yes, it put the scenes on the lunchbox into context.



My hyperactive toddler brother visited the school bus stop one morning, and threw my lunch box into the street. I remember looking inside and shaking the thermos, which clattered and tinckled; one of the moms in attendance said to be careful. I hopefully suggested that my mom had probably just put ice in it. (Which she had never done in the past, but you know, kid logic.)

I discovered the thermos was full of warm OJ and broken silvered glass at lunch time.

But hey, did you know that Thermos sold replacement glass liners? Mom bought one and fixed things up.

I had the Yellow Submarine lunch box until it smelled of spoiled milk and its hinges were rusting off.


The blu-ray version is excellent in look and sound. Unfortunately (perhaps just me), it includes a scene that was cut out of the original film, a scene involving a song called ‘Hey, Bulldog’. It kind of… stuck out from the rest of the film. A bit grotesque.


Nothing against Bill Morrison, but I think they should have asked Terry Gilliam:

  • has made animation himself at that time, so knows about the craft and lots of details about available technology and materials and so on
  • probably knew some of the guys that made Yellow Submarine - they were colleagues after all, working at the same time in the same environment
  • knew the Beatles - Eric Idle was friends with George Harrison, Ringo Starr had a cameo in MPFC and occasionally showed up at meetings; he’ll have met the other two from time to time as well
  • has lived through the late 1960ies / early 1970ies in London, so probably can tell where some of the ideas and influences for Yellow Submarine came from (apart from the song and drugs)

Like many who grew up in the New York Metro area in the late 70’s/Early 80’s, I first saw the movie on TV. Local independent station WNYW (now a Fox Channel) would show it every year around either Christmas or New Years (my memory is hazy on that part).

Funny thing is they also used to show 2001, A Space Odyssey and I remember they got Keir Dullea (Dave Bowman) to host spot during short breaks and he would describe the ardors of filming it (and the tiring wire work involved).

The program director of that channel had some wild tastes!


Yeah, that song added nothing. Cut for a good reason.

The Nice thing about DVDs and the like, you can just skip scenes.

Try watching Attack of the Clones and skip every scene with just Anakin and Pademe. Make its a much better film.

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Metromedia Channel 5!

They had a good “Friday Evening Scary Movie” spot. I stayed up “late” once watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Afterwards, opened the closet door, left the light on, and checked under my brother’s bed for pods.

You probably also remember Channel 9 showing “King Kong” on Thanksgiving (or was it Christmas), followed by “Babes in Toyland.”

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