Watch this trippy Soviet kid's cartoon from 1976


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Don’t pay any attention to this pinko notion of debugging. God-ferin’ 'Muricans take their technology like they take their gub’ment, rented from the rich with broken promises and legal threats for user repairs!


Gotta love the way this girl puts her body upon the gears, the wheels, the levers…


Seems like a huge tribute to The Yellow Submarine.


Ugh. This style of animation makes me queasy, like from motion-sickness. The only thing I can think of that is worse is the betty-boop style where everyone jiggles back and forth constantly. I’mma go puke.


So who was the trippy Soviet kid?


Лизергиновая кислота диэтиламид


I had to fix my laptop because a child put coins in the DVD slot. Times have changed.


Yeah, when I was a kid, it was peanut butter sandwiches in the VCR.


Sheesh. That was terrific - like, a solid way to address a kid being curious how something worked inside. Anyone know who the influence was on this style of animation, like this, The Yellow Submarine and stuff that I remember from the PBS show The Electric Company? They all have those thick lines, solid bright colors and even similarities in facial stylization and I’m wondering what drove that. Limitations of the medium? Production line stuff? It’s so different from other things being done by, say, Disney or (my limited awareness of) Japanese animation from that time.


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