Watch The Beatles' LEGO Submarine

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Wow that film was awful. How many ways can we screw up the Beatles while cashing in on the Beatles?


One of my life’s early disappointments occurred when I found out that none of the dialog in Yellow Submarine (excluding the live-action bit at the end) was actually done by the Beatles. It was all done by voice impersonators. I’ve never felt the same way about the film since then.


That’s not a Blue Meanie, that’s Jeremy.


I agree, and also to fast for me.
I still want this thing, and they showed one good thing, you don’t need to stick to that one and only model. You can change it and go back (if you want) or use it for other stuff. And in my opinion thats the essence of good Lego (sets) not that semi fixed stuff they are selling more and more.


I … I … never knew that.

It’s too much. It’s all too much.


They certainly TRIED to get The Beatles, but they all decided that animation wouldn’t be worth their time, and ok’d the use of impersonators while they went off to pursue making a Lord of the Rings film with Stanley Kubrick. When that fell through they came to check out work in progress on Yellow Submarine and were completely knocked out by the Heinz Edelmann artwork and tried to get back into the movie, but it was too late. That’s why the live-action end bit was tacked on.

I have a lot of love for Yellow Submarine, as goofy as it is.


Interestingly, the actor hired to do Ringo’s voice also ended up doing half of George’s dialog, as the actor hired to voice George was an Army deserter, and got arrested during the production.


Why doesn’t the fisherman just let go of the fishing pole right away?

Came here looking for this comment.

Wanted to add: A brilliant way to expand on this would be to do a model of Glove paired with a couple actual Blue Meanie figs, and possibly some of the other more iconic baddies (like the tall apple guys)

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Ditto. It’s definitely got something… kids love it, for example. I was gifted this Lennon figure plus Meanie dog (“Hey bulldog!”) a long time ago but it subsequently became one of my childrens’ favourite toys when they were small:

Pic doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a good size and - get this! - the dog’s heads each swivel independently! Sweet dreams, kids.

So, good job, Lego.


As an AFOL and as someone who still has fond memories from childhood of the film; I want this set.

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Channeling Yoko again?

Cool. Each minifig is holding the same prop his real counterpart had during the live-action sequence at the end of the movie.

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