Beatles LEGO Yellow Submarine now shipping


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And in case you need help with assembly by hand…


But… it doesn’t come with a blue meanie. It comes with the Beatles and Jeremy Hillary Boob.


Undergoing great stresses between “Want!” and “Stop accumulating!”


Yay! I just got the confirmation email from the Lego store.

Is it a limited edition?


If this means there will soon be a LEGO Beatles video game, I’ll be extremely happy.


Kind of. It’s a Lego Ideas set, so they tend not to last as long as other licensed sets.


Does it come with LSD?


Little, square doodads? Yup, pretty sure there are several in the kit, along with rectangles, etc.


He’s a real nowhere man.


Lego Beatles Star Wars Rock Band. You heard it here first.



…a Lego Hard Day’s Night, Help, Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine?

I will buy all the copies of that


And it even comes with a bonus Yoko minifig

(not my joke. Please forgive me.)


I have classic 80s lego for sale; need cash now: this is not a sale board, or is it? Hmmm. I have been prompted to buy shit here and then I bought it, so, BUT they own the site, so I’m just a visitor, who’s already been proven to piss some BB staff off, hmmm-squared; I’m in a quandary: I don’t want to piss of BB, because I like them. Shee-oot. Legos are cool, and I have some classics if you’d like to talk about them freely. I buy BB!


I just got mine but I’m too much of a wuss to open it up.


Your best bet, if you want a quick turnaround, is to find a local Lego AFOL group near you. Pretty much every major US city has them, and Europe as well, I think. Best not to be too obnoxious on the discussion board itself, it’s generally best to mention which set, and then invite interested parties to contact you off-list.

Second quickest is craigslist, usual caveats apply. I’ve also seen sets at pawn shops, if you’re OK going that route. has some pretty good tools to see how much money it might be worth (depending on how complete and what condition)

Good luck!


I know what you mean. I broke the tape just to look inside, and that part itself was pretty cool. I want to get a decent lighting and video setup so I can film the grand unbox ing and first assebly. I’ve waited a very long time for this set.


Hey!/ you’ve got to put your/ toys away


“This item does not ship to Japan”

Foiled again!