Dock Ellis 'dockumentary' film opens this week


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the original Dock Ellis animated short

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A great song about Dock Ellis.

Can anybody explain the phrase “tripping balls?” Is it different from tripping? And what are the balls?

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They’re usually the opposite of strikes.


It’s still early, but I believe you won the internet today.

(As an aside: Dock’s no-hitter has been getting a lot of attention over the last few years, and I think a lot of people hear “no-hitter” and jump to conclusions-- it WASN’T a perfect game, he walked the bases loaded, and was pitching kind of wild at times, by his own account sometimes the ball seemed like a pea, other times huge like a beach ball, so “tripping balls” certainly applies here.)

Ah, Dock Ellis. Also ties the record for most hit-batsmen in an inning. 3 in a row baby!

Reporters say he’s lying? Who the hell makes up the lie, 14 years later, that the no-hitter they pitched they were tripping on acid?

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I guess I can understand why they think he’s lying, but if you’ve ever done acid (and I’m willing to bet a lot of those sports writers back then hadn’t), then his description of how it went down makes perfect sense. He was also on speed, which I’m sure helped too.

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I have done acid, and yeah, I believe Dock’s version of events.

Great film showing the spiritual odyssey of Dock Ellis from pitcher throwing no-hitter on LSD to drug counselor. If you liked this film, you’ll love the new film “Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories” which also shows the spiritual side of a baseball icon. I got it from Amazon.

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