Doctor invents a hiccup-curing straw with a 90% success rate

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I enjoy the hiccups, especially in public. It get the laughs every time…


I just use the old “drink water from the other side of the glass”. This is less messy, though.


For me the cause is often an acute instance of reflux that causes my epiglottis to spasm. Then the hiccup triggers another reflux, and so on.

Unsurprisingly, Tums are a reliable cure for me. Most of the time, if I take a couple the hiccups stop almost immediately.

I can’t keep Tums down. They just come straight back up as Smut.


i wonder if you can just close your mouth and try to inhale for a few seconds, then swallow, then repeat a few times? next time i get hiccups, i’ll try that.


You have to be pretty confident it’s going to work to put liquids into a hiccupping hole.

It is no big deal really to fix them. I invented this many many years ago, maybe around 1995 or so.

  1. Get hiccups.
  2. Fill glass with water
  3. Very SLOWLY drink from the glass in tiny tiny sips swallowing continuously.

When a hiccup occurs during step #3 you will be cured. If you want to be really sure wait through two hiccup cycles.

Have fun being hiccup free!

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What’s the success rate without using the special straw? Is it faster than other methods? If so, by how much?

For anybody interested,

HiccAway has shown more than 90% effectiveness compared to other remedies for hiccups and is a highly effective alternative solution. In patients with prolonged hiccups who required medications, HiccAway had more than 70% success compared to the medication used. For cancer patients who had hiccups as a result of their type of cancer or their chemotherapy treatment, HiccAway had 90% effectiveness. **Source:**MEDICAL – HiccAway

I did not find a sample sizes or methodology of the claim, but given that it may help with persistent hiccups due to a number of medical causes, I would give it a go.

Related: I remember being worried as a kid, after a long bout of hiccups, that they would never go away. Not too long ago, one of my kids claimed on top of me with the hipo/(ēpō) and just wanted some comfort while it resolved it’s self. They fell asleep and I still remember that sound as they fell asleep on me. Part of me enjoys that memory made me cause the usual remedies didn’t work, and part of me wishes I could have instantly resolved the issues for my them.

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  1. This is awesome.

  2. Could you just cut a hole on a regular straw and get the same effect?

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Yep - this works every time for me. I’ve shown it to a number of people and - after they get past the “you’re trying to make me look stupid, right?” hesitancy - it works every time for them too.

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I’m one of those souls who suffered from prolonged hiccups, lasted over 48 hours and nearly drove me insane. I tried every folk remedy on the internet with no relief. In my case it was caused by an injection in my lower back, which apparently is known to be a trigger if the needle slides too close to a certain nerve bundle. Told my doc, he said I was the second case he heard of in 30 years of practice. I wish I had this straw to test then.


I guess the Dr. and I shared a theory, since I’ve long just folded fabric and pressed it tight against my mouth to strain the diaphragm until the hiccups stop. It works almost without fail, though I often immediately follow it with a breath-holding full glass of water to seal the deal.

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Mark, where ya gonna find a plastic straw in California?

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Maybe using a straw on a Wendy’s Frosty would do the trick.

And now I’m craving the hiccups.


what is a mcflurry straw? don’t they usually come with a spoon?

Morphine hiccups are worst hiccups. I had them for 2 days straight once.

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Do it for free by taking a deep breath, holding that breath, and trying to swallow a few times in a row. Don’t even need a glass or water or anything. I swear, works every time.

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I could have use this a few days ago… had hiccups for 2.5 days… side effects of meds…

Holding by breath for at least a minute cures my hiccups.