Doctor punches patient for too many ER visits


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Fortunately for this doctor, I DO believe the Hippocratic oath says,

"If a patient has annoyed you sufficiently, then assault that patient in a way that will not easily show to the public. Beyond that, do no harm."


Typical of Japanese culture that the man apologized to the doctor who punched him…

“Deepest apologies, Sir. My torso did happen to impede your fist.”


I think that’s actually not typical. More likely he just realized he deserved the punch.


Well, it’s one way to do the Heimlich maneuver… or attempt to help constipation… or cure stupidity.


This is what my older brother would have called TP - the holistic treatment of therapeutic pain.


NOW you belong in the emergency room.


This sounds like a variation on the parental admonishment “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.”


Mom, is that you?


Hey, the treatment worked, I dont see why he had to be reprimanded :stuck_out_tongue:


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