The Chicago airport cops who beat David Dao unconscious totally lied about it on their report


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Pedantic Digressions
Pedantic Digressions

And now they’ll be punished, right?

I’m just kidding. Of course they won’t be punished. Cops are above the law.


Why would they be punished? They’re the good guys.


Wait: Chicago police lying?! :astonished:



Police lied! News at – hey the Kardashians!


They totally failed to charge him with resisting arrest after beating him down. You can’t get away with policy violations like that.

(The failure to shout “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” was also somewhat unprofessional; but can be excused as an understandable response to the auditory sensitivities of the other passengers in the confined cabin area, so we’ll handle that informally.)


“He was bloodied and unconscious when we got here! And that concussion must have been from a totally unrelated incident.”


You’re right, they didn’t beat him!
The video shows how he actually was knocked unconscious and lost several teeth:

Glad we cleared that up.


You’re forgetting the part about how someone with a name similar to the passenger’s name might have been guilty of something in the past. Which seems relevant.


MSM reporting of this same story is somewhat different

[quote]United Airlines: The other side
Aviation officer who dragged David Dao from the plane tells what really happened. [/quote]
The deferential forelock tugging is … interesting(?)


From that article you linked to

The Chicago Police Department said in a separate “Hospitalisation Case Report” released on Monday that Dao was seen striking his face against an arm rest as aviation officers tried to “escort” him from the flight.

Did he fall down the stairs too? Maybe he walked into a door?



He nearly dislocated those poor officers’ knuckle bones by smacking their fists with his face. I can’t for the life of me understand why all the other passengers are backing up his obviously fabricated story about being attacked. They must all be leftist radicals.



Well Dr. Dao can still sue each one of them individually for assault; I know I would.


Yes, but when the report goes unchallenged and can be used as “evidence” in his civil only suit…

And when there are no criminal consequences for criminal acts just because a cop is the criminal in question…

Damn! I gave myself a sad.


Let him bankrupt them; take every fuckin’ dime they have.

Yes, that wont fix the actual problem but I’ve found hitting people hard in the pockets often makes an impact.


yes, indeed, they’re the very worst sort of of leftist radicals - the kind with smart phones



Yeah, it isn’t an accurate depiction of what happened, but to try to explain it doesn’t make for a compelling headline.

As in previous posts, the cops are 100% culpable for this screw up, the injuries caused, and now false statements on the reports.

Of course it is rather ironic the headline uses hyperbole when the report is accusing the cops of lying.