Doctor Who theme creator Delia Derbyshire awarded posthumous Ph.D.


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here’s a link to the original theme she worked on.

and a video that includes the show openings up to 2010


Delia’s work is so wonderful! I’m enamored by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. One of my favorite albums is a compilation of their work:


I have this on my daily play list, just love it to death.




@Mindysan33 posted this a few days back


Yes I did! Thanks for the reference.

@beschizza, feel free to merge the two threads (though there are only 2 comments, me and Israel_B there):


Includes all the “tarted up” ones, as she once said.


Behind many great men are women who had their ideas stolen.





Her work on the first White Noise album is great too:


I love that eerie, ethereal quality.


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