Doctor Who-themed shed


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aand here I thought sheds were for storing lawnmowers and such.


Seems a bit large on the outside.


Nice, but I wouldn’t call it life-sized.


Every year my rent goes up, and I fantasize about owning a Tardis I can disguise like a statue in a local park.

“So much room, and zero rent. . . over here is the bathroom, and down that hall is the bowling alley. . . .”


This is pretty damn cool, but i do wonder what he’ll do with the shed now that it’s completed. If it has any other purpose other than looking like a Tardis.


It would be a fun place to trip/smoke weed!



He needs to grow a bunch of foliage of some kind around the “show building” section, leaving just the TARDIS exterior entrance section visible.


I’m thinking of getting two.

 Arthur Jackson


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