Behold Britain's sheds of the year


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no neutrinos species fail


Love to imagine the inhabitants of this one having a chat…

  • Oi, mate, that prickles! Roll over, this is my spot. And keep them buggers away from me!

  • They don’t do anything. They are clean. Just want to play a bit, jump around and have some fun. Here, hold that one! Isn’t he luuuvly? Isn’t he luuuuuuvly? There’s a good boy!

  • Is this a flea market, or what? Keep them away from me, I say. And you, up there, keep it down! I don’t want to participate in your sex life! Stop puffing like that!


I often dream of having a hobby shed but it gets way too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer for it to be practical.


Pictured above is the Pricklebum, the Hedgehog Palace of Ludlow, winner in the “unexpected” category.


        Mr. Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson approves!


You can vote for them here #shedoftheyear :slight_smile:


Came here to post this, but ya beat me to it


It was just to good to pass up.


I thought I knew what a shed was. But I have now been educated.


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