Documentarian Louis Theroux "excited" and "nervous" that Scientology is going to make a documentary about him




Obligatory, “I miss Weird Weekends” moment.


As evidenced by their weak response to HBO, their propaganda is toothless and only good for feeding to their members.


Now, maybe, that they’ve lost significant numbers of suckers adherents and thus have less money and clout, but once upon a time their threats were dangerously real.


As usual, they’ll probably use a “documentary” as an excuse to have goons harassing Theroux, possibly with cameras strapped to their heads. (Search for “Squirrel Busters”.)


You get a like for the Kelly Freas / Fredric Brown icon.


That was never their Freedom magazine propaganda, though. That was their army of private detectives, attempts to plant serious crimes upon the reporters, murdering beloved pets, etc. This isn’t Fair Game.


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