Louis Theroux's new Westboro Baptists doc is uncomfortable viewing

Full documentary on BBC iPlayer, if you have access.


Thanks for the heads-up. I’m looking forward to watching it, uncomfortable though it may be.


The interesting part is how those grifters monetise all that hatred aimed at them. It’s weird how a respected former civil rights lawyer came up with this scam.


I was curious as to who prints their signage, turns out they do it themselves.
Then I was hoping Playboy might sue for copyright theft…

They seem really lost, they argue badly, and yet that hate sells. Hateful grifters, the lot of them, apart from the ones who left; they are the few I have any compassion for at all.


In the end they’re not really selling hate. At its base it’s a particularly sophisticated variation on the old slip-and-fall scam, using the angry and divided American political landscape in place of a freshly mopped floor and unsophisticated cops as the floor clerks who neglected to put up a warning sign.

From that one clip about the family member who left, you can see how the deeply mother has invested herself in the grift.


Well, hate is certainly the shine they put on to make it all look attractive, but yes it does appear way more of a scam than a church.

Every now and again they falter, you can catch the verbal slips as they almost admit to bullshitting, then it is replaced by anger; because people will follow and fund anger at “other” so damn easily, and because it is easy to push anger at someone else because at that moment it isn’t happening to you.

Monetizing and marginalizing, wow, it’s almost political…


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