Documentary film about industrial music




Oh, yes please! This is past due.

But no Einstuerzende Neubauten? It looks pretty firmly placed within the Anglo-American industrial scene…


Good point! That’s curious.


Might just be who the film maker has access to, but I think that the artistic impulses that led to industrial were certainly more global… Certainly you could see parallels elsewhere in Europe and in say Japan. But not including Neubauten seems like an oversight, but maybe they do cover them in the documentary and they just didn’t make it into the trailer?

But it does look like a good documentary. I’m looking forward to it. I love well done music documentaries… the one on Kraftwerk was excellent:


I was thinking the same thing…Front 242 also should have some influence in the documentary as well.


Glad to see Test Dept. included. Way too often overshadowed by some of the bigger names, but no less revolutionary.


So nice to see Test Dept. get a mention. Bizarre that Neubauten and Coil don’t.


Oh, I think the absence of Front 242 (and the other electro-industrial acts - Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Frontline Assembly, etc) is mainly because they are dealing with the earlier wave of industrial, that was a bit more experiemental. I think the electro-industrial wave is different enough to be it’s own thing. The artists they mention tend towards more experimental noise, I think…


Both of those bands should get a mention, especially since Coil was half made up of a TG member…


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