Rare early Kraftwerk performances before they were showroom dummies

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This is one of my favorite videos of Kraftwerk, even though Ralf isn’t in it.

Now I do love me some Neu!, but Dinger’s work in La Düsseldorf should not be overlooked!


That takes me back… Although to the 1980ies, when this was already 10 years or so old.

Thank you for this. My tomorrow music dive is now planned.


Check out Neu! if you can. They’re weird and great.
1970’s West Germany seems to have embraced some pretty odd music.


Yeah, I love Neu!

Wait, to I have to put punctuation after that or does it resolve the sentence? Neu!.?


If you look hard enough netwise, you can find the rather Can-esque Kraftwerk 1 und Kraftwerk 2, both of which are brilliant.


Really nice. I really like the early kraftwerk. I liked NEU! better than later kraftwerk, that’s a bit too clean for me. (Though Schaufensterpuppen is brilliant of course)

And La D… Oooh, I know what I’ll be listening today :slight_smile: It gets an extra dimesnion if you know Dusseldorf (the city). So many tongue in cheek lyrics.

Such a pity that I never succeeded in seeing Dinger or Rother live. I came close a few times (I had family in Wuppertal, and they invited me every time they played in Dusseldorf) But germany is big on a student budget…

My favourite banger from the early eighties. A party wouldn’t be complete before basting this one till the neighbour woke up (luckily he was the one who introduced me to NEU! so he didn’t mind too much).

Aaah ride to norway… (or nowhere, but norway is funnier)


In a similar vain here is ACDC’s Bon Scott in the prog-rock band Fraternity playing lead recorder!

Thanks for the clips …

On a sidenote: These somewhat ‘oh so ironic with a little social judgement on anything related to being and/or staying successfull’ tones (they where cool when nobody knew them, but now of corse they are dummies and mainstream) reminds me of https://youtu.be/mxuwXczWQC0?t=9

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