Documentary "The Man Card" takes a tough look at white-male identity politics

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There are so many toxic elements at the core of these appeals. This is one of the worst, in that the GOP has weaponised childhood trauma and abuse to the point where the cycle isn’t only perpetuated but, via political ideology, inflicted on all of us:


Just watched this and it’s damn interesting. But I do think it gives less attention than warranted to way internet culture and technology have changed (or maybe just amplified) this long-term phenomenon. It’s a cliche, I know, but there really are thousands upon thousands of angry, unattached young men sitting in their parents’ basements, who have spent years talking to other angry young men to convince each other of all the ways that women and libs and minorities and whoever else are responsible for their unhappiness.


I think you are exactly right that the internet and social media provided both an avenue to radicalize and mobilize societal outcasts longing to be relevant/masculine, but also as a direct, unimpeded channel to peddle bold-faced propaganda and misinformation to an undereducated population unable to untangle the thread of truth from a web of misinformation.


they celebrate sociopathy: antisocial behavior (“i do what i want, say what i want!”), lack of empathy, aggression, deception.

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