The Mooch hilariously compares Trump to Logan Roy of Succession — they are both loving family men

Originally published at: The Mooch hilariously compares Trump to Logan Roy of Succession — they are both loving family men | Boing Boing

“Oh, no, no, you got to watch the show very carefully. He actually loves those kids,”

It may seem strange, but most right wingers actually believe this. That’s why they’ll always miss the point of the show, which is an overall satire on the damage conservatives do to themselves and (in the process) society.


That quote should properly be attributed to James “Rent-A-Boy” Dobson:


I thought this guy was done carrying water for Trump.




I dunno, he’s more right than wrong: Logan Roy type? Check. Loves those kids? Nope. Has put them in a narcissistic web? Check.

Getting there Mooch my boy, try harder next time.




Being a non-American, the only thing I knew about “The Mooch” was the 11 days in the White House and thought he was yet another Trump suckup.

But recently I listened to a british podcast “The Political Party” from Nov 2021 where he was on and he was so funny, articulate and anti-Trump that my opinion of him drastically changed. He went up several notches in my estimation (but still not the sort of person I would want to spend a lot of time with).

Worth a listen and would be interested in finding out if hearing him speak for an hour rather than in soundbites changes anyone else’s opinion.

I don’t understand why anyone puts that clown on the air.

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… narcissists don’t usually get along with each other very well in face-to-face relationships

They’re competing for the same limited pool of attention and flattery, and there can only be one Alpha Dumbass in the room at a time

Like (for instance) Steve Bannon, the Mooch refused to be a faceless Yes Man in the White House—but that doesn’t make him a good guy :unamused:


Oh I agree, and I am definitely not arguing that he is a good guy, just that he has become (slightly) more three dimensional to me.
He was quite self aware though, taking responsibility for his faults and for his part in helping to promote Trump in the past.

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