Trump reiterates his love for accused child molester Roy Moore in new tweet


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eww, ewww, yuck, yucky


Well, he has a point: it sounds like this Jones character is “bad on life.”


Well, he’s opposed to things like dudes dating whatever cute girls they want, and talking to other countries, and using their hard-earned money to reward friendly politicians. Sad!




Moore is a scofflaw. Even if you don’t believe the allegations, he’s still been removed from the bench twice for failing to follow the law.


“The law is what I say it is.” – every wannabe dictator ever


People who voted for Trump support Roy Moore because they like to troll the kind of people who don’t like Trump or Roy Moore.

Come to think of it, they supported Trump for the exact same reason.


I will bet any amount of money that Trump can’t tell you Doug Jones’ positions on crime, border, vets, guns & military.


We believe that, but the people on the other side think we’re the scofflaws. They don’t believe the Constitution separates church and state, and they also believe that God’s Law is more important than the law of man. They also believe that all of the United States’ laws are based on Christianity, rather than English common law. No conflicting information will be accepted.


Or even Doug Jones’ name.

Even if you specifically ask him “What is Doug Jones’ name?” I would give him a 50% chance of getting it right.


Not surprised he supports Moore. Similar predilections, Similar disregard for decency. You almost have to feel sorry for Ivanka because daddy obviously loves her best…





I know…


The last thing that America needs is a freedom hating fake Christian religious right fundamentalist like Roy Moore.


Also, they think child molestation is okay.


“Judge Roy Moore.”

Oh, we do. We do.


Actually, they think that being attracted to post-pubescent teenage women is part of a “healthy male sex drive” and also think that liberals calling it “child molestation” is one of unhinged hyperbole, cynical opportunism, or beta male sour grapes bullshit.

To be clear, I think personally that Roy Moore’s relationships with younger woman are super exploitative and creepy. But the way the media is approaching the issue will probably only make his political base support him more strongly.



These were children. One was 14 years old! That’s not legal. She was a child at the time.

And having a “male sex drive” doesn’t entitle one to molest whatever women is within range. Men who can’t keep their hands to themselves and feel entitled to touch whatever women are around are committing a crime and need to be prosecuted for it. Period. It’s not up to us to make sure men control themselves.