Dog affectionately licks kitten friend

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Dog hopefully tastes new foodstuff


Dog is reading Boing Boing and knows to squish the cat


I notice the vet also uses a black and white cat for his demonstration. Are they particularly safe? Try the dog on a calico: they don’t take shit from bears.


That’s a good question. The cat I have the most experience with is a neighbour’s cat that used to visit me whenever I was out in the garden and that was so insanely friendly it would either clamber all over me whenever I was sitting down or just flop down and present its belly for rubs. That was indeed a tuxedo cat as well.

I wonder how much different colours in cats represent different breeds with different personalities. In dogs the colour of the coat doesn’t say anything about personality as long as the breed is the same.

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That cat does not appear to consent.

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I think that the kitten isn’t too keen on slobber.

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