Dog exits vehicle and leaps into a pile of leaves


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So…Stella just did what any reasonable creature in the animal kingdom would do.


One possible facet of Doggo heaven located :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, let’s bury Steve’s car in a pile of leaves!

Sure, it’s a harmless prank… what could go wrong?



That first video in particular is unreasonably happiness inducing.


Yea, real cute. I’ll be impressed when Fido rakes up the mess he just made.


Here we see the natural behavior of a dog preparing its nest in the autumn getting ready for hibernating during the long winter.


As delightful to rewatch now as earlier in the day. Go pupper go! :dog::leaves::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:


I think I’ve got to start taking Happy Hempies.


I feel the same way about leaf piles


For the record, I would also like some Happy Hempies. I’m not sure what they are, but they sound terrific.


Thanks, I needed that.


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