Dog Food Finder lists ingredients in common brands

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If you have concerns about what your dog is eating contact a pet nutritionist. Concerns about wheat, and various other things are usually silly and sometimes harmful. 99% of breeds need some wheat in their diet. Your dog is NOT a wolf and does not need a 100% meat diet. That shit is just marketing.


Science Diet is not great. Lots of animal byproduct and questionable protein sources i.e. roadkill, sick animals, etc. Also, it’s really over priced. Taste of the Wild is my recommendation. Former Petco manager here with five years experience.


I wouldn’t say wheat specifically more like vegetable matter… like corn is perfectly acceptable as well. Or, sigh, pumpkin.


My vet saved me a lot of money by forwarding an article that revealed that most dog food is made in the same handful of facilities, out of the same raw ingredients, and that it’s really not worth spending money on fancy food unless your dog has specific requirements/allergies/deficiencies. For example, my food of choice, Kirkland Nature’s Domain, is made at the same facility as Taste of the Wild, and the ingredients list is almost identical.


I don’t trust a database which doesn’t include Solid Gold dog food, which I have fed my Westies for more than 15 years now. Every vet we’ve used (1 in TN, and 2 since moving back to NC) has warmly approved of our choice. So have the Westies.

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Agree, Solid Gold is also an excellent choice.

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Well, this dog’s diet certainly isn’t lacking in tongue.

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