These videos of a golden retriever eating vegetables are strangely comforting


I’d say golden retrievers in general are strangely comforting. They’re incredibly sweet dogs.


Yeah, but I wouldn’t wanna see what comes out the other end with a diet like that. Remember when you’d see dogs**t on the sidewalk and it was like ASH from all the protein?

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? That’s not protein, that’s fiber, and should actually help quite a lot in digestion. (Some) fruits and vegetables and gourds are really good for dogs. I’m also pretty sure these are just treats, and he eats other stuff, too…


goldren retrievers are definitely the best invention ever. mine would never eat greens though, chews them up and spits them out.


Reminds me of this:


Dog’s looking at that pumpkin as if to say, “You think you could maybe cube it and saute in a little bacon and a little fatback?”

Might as well add this:

Video of our Sadie delicately eating watermelon while wearing a cone on her head.

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